The design process is an important step in ensuring that our customers end up with exactly what they want. We are committed to offering a thorough and detailed consultation to help you realize the perfect landscape. The design process generally follows these steps:
1. Meet with Cory, the owner of CP Landscapes.
– You can discuss your ideas with Cory, and he will help determine whether you need a more detailed design plan to implement your vision.
2. Meet with the CP Landscapes Design Team.
– Review the overall project.
– Receive a design proposal/contract based on the design criteria.
– Review the preliminary plan (based on your requests), and discuss possible changes or adjustments to the plan.
– Review the revised plan to ensure that you and the designer are in agreement.
– Draft of final plan is reviewed by you, the designer, and Cory for acceptance.
3. Cory will take a copy of the design, plant list, and any other plans, and he will formulate a bid for the project.
– You will meet with Cory to discuss the bid and the process of the project.
– Cory will send you a contract to sign.
– After the contract is signed, you will receive a start date.